V3 Submersible pump (Suitable for 75mm & above dia borewell.)


Centrifugal Submersible Pumps are mainly used for domestic purpose. The unique design of the motors and pumps run on lowest cost of energy and fulfill daily need of water.

Range Available:

  • Motor : 0.50/0.37 HP/kW to 1.50/1.10 HP/kW
  • Pump : 8 Stage to 20 Stage
  • Head Range : 10 meters (33 feet)  to 60 meters  (197 Feet)
  • Discharge : 5640 LPH to 1740 LPH

Also Available in High Head Series 

Material of Construction:

  • Motor Bushes: LTB-5 grade as per IS:318
  • Thrust Plate: Assam Carbon
  • Rotor: “Berger” make powder coated rotor made from Low Carbon & Low Loss

Electrical Stamping

  • Stamping : Low-Loss Electrical Stamping (Highly Efficient)
  • Thrust Bearing : S. S. 304 as per IS:1570 V
  • Rotor Sleeve/Shaft : S. S. 410 as per IS:1570 V
  • Bowl & Impeller Set : Poly Carbonate GNF-2, 25% Glass Field
  • Pump/Motor Cell : S. S. 202/304 as per IS;1570 Part II respectively
  • Casting Parts : FG-200 Grade as per IS:210
  • Pump Sleeve : Hard Chromed SS:410 as per IS:1570 Part V
  • Pump Bush : Nitrile Rubber and LTB-5 Grade as per IS:318
  • Winding Wire : Wrapping (Coated) and  PVC as per IS


  • Filtration and transfer at waterworks
  • Pressure boosting in mains
  • Pressure boosting in high- rise building, hotels, etc.
  • Pressure boosting in industrial buildings
  • Various swimming bath application
  • Industrial washing and cleaning systems
  • Industrial wash down systems.
  • Vehicle washing tunnels.
  • Fire protection systems.
  • Cooling and air-conditioning systems (refrigerants)
  • Boiler-feed and condensate systems
  • Aquafarming.
  • Industrial heating systems.
  • District heating plants.
  • Wet type Water cooled rewindable motor
  • Energy Efficient
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Thrust bearing set designed to withstand high axial thrust load
  • Motor specially designed to encompass wider voltage range
  • Durability of components, produce under strict quality standards & computerized testing set-up to give right product to customers.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Light weight and noiseless operation
  • Service available throughout the country.